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Discipline your kids with Positive Parenting

Sharon Grand
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Discover how simple it is to regain peace in your home and help kids regulate their own behavior. Discipline Your Kids with Positive Parenting introduces the idea of empowering your children (and yourself), as well as using discipline as an effective teaching tool.

Rooted in mindfulness—the practice of being present and self-regulating—this complete guide to discipline through positive parenting makes things easy by providing straightforward guidance, practice dialogs, simple exercises, and more.

Discipline Your Kids with Positive Parenting includes:

  • Mindful, positive parenting—Learn how to model appropriate behavior for your child with help from self-care strategies that will keep you calm, cool, and collected when you most need to be.
    • Easy-to-follow guidance—Get step-by-step instructions for addressing a variety of scenarios and situations, allowing you and your child to thrive even in challenging situations.
    • Helpful FAQs—Solve your most pressing concerns through detailed Q&As that cover everything from obedience to boundary setting.




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